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Privacy Statement
The Fetal Treatment Center at UCSF has established the highest standard of privacy practices in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) and applicable state laws.  We recognize that highly sensitive material will be transmitted between you and the Fetal Treatment Center at UCSF and it is our goal to assure that this confidence is not breached.  Medical information will only be shared with healthcare professionals at the Fetal Treatment Center.

The Fetal Treatment Center does not provide any of the information that you may supply to us to any other organization or individual.  Such information may include contact information such as your address, phone, and email, and any medical information received from your current physician. Your case records and diagnostic reports are only shared internally among the members of the Fetal Treatment Team on a need to know basis. It is your option to share information with other family members, friends or associates. You can or/we will upon your request provide diagnostic information to your primary care physician or maternal medicine specialist.

The information will be stored on our secure database for one year. Our database has been designed to meet or exceed HIPAA standards and follows many of the UCSF HIPAA guidelines for the institution. The Fetal Treatment Center’s database is housed in a University of California secure location and protected by our firewall and security programs that meet or exceed HIPAA standards. Our database and server are constantly monitored to insure the security of your patient information and diagnostic results.

The Fetal Treatment Center performs Web traffic analysis where we track statistics that include pages visited, use times, number of users, and duration of time on our site. However this information is collected in the aggregate and does not single out single users of our system. This information is not used outside the Fetal Treatment Center.

When you initially request diagnostic services through this website, you will be provided with more detailed information regarding the Fetal Treatment Center’s privacy practices. The Notice of Privacy Practice (NOPP) is provided to you as a pdf file for your download and review. By downloading this NOPP you are acknowledging receipt of the NOPP.

Diagnostic Services
The On-Line Patient Program provided through this Web site is different from the diagnostic services typically provided by a physician. The Fetal Treatment Center’s Physicians and Healthcare Professionals providing this service may not have the benefit of all the information that would be obtained by examining you in person and observing your physical condition. Therefore, the physician may not be aware of all facts or information that would affect his or her opinion of your diagnosis. In some cases, the facts may be critical to the opinion. TO REDUCE THE RISK TO YOU OF THIS LIMITATION, THE FETAL TREATMENT CENTER STRONGLY ENCOURAGES YOU TO DISCUSS THE EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN. BY DECIDING TO ENGAGE THIS SERVICE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE AWARE OF THIS LIMITATION AND AGREE TO SOLELY ASSUME THE RISK OF THIS LIMITATION.  When you initially request diagnostic services through this website, you will be asked to agree to the terms within this document. It is required that you agree to these terms in order for us to begin consultation.

The Fetal Treatment Center’s On-Line Patient Program is available in most states. In all states it is required that your primary care physician or maternal medicine specialist sign a special request for consultation form. This form it will be provided to you via e-mail as an attachment. Once this is signed and returned we will begin consultation.

There are certain States that do not allow on-line consultation. If you live in one of these states you will be notified when we return the results of your initial questionnaire.

Copyright and Trademarks
U.S. and international copyright law and conventions protect all content included on the Fetal Treatment Center INSIDE portal. The content includes content both owned and controlled by The Fetal Treatment Center.

Site Access and Licenses
The Fetal Treatment Center may license parts of this site to other organizations that provide information on fetal anomalies. Specific patient health information will not be shared with any other organization. Information that is not patient health information may be used by other licensed parties for educational purposes only in the pursuit of information on fetal conditions, consultation options and treatment modalities offered. Some links to the Fetal treatment Centers Web Portal and INSIDE are maintained by other organizations (i.e. links to support groups).  Neither The Fetal Treatment Center nor INSIDE assumes any liability for the material contained within these sites.

This Web site uses encryption software. While we use state-of-the-art security, no system can perfectly guard against risks of intentional intrusion or inadvertent disclosure of information sent to us. Your patient information is encrypted using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption keys. Encrypted information is transferred privately between the patient’s computer and the Fetal Treatment Center.  If our system determines that your browser does not meet this specification, you will be instructed on how to upgrade your browser. All of our servers and firewall protections meet or exceed HIPAA requirements.

Once you have been accepted to the On-Line Patient Program we will provide you with secure login information that only you can access. We will provide the login and give you a temporary password. You may change this at any time.

Credit Transactions
If you elect to pay for any service hereunder through your credit card, we, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to accept payment from your credit card. By requesting the credit card payment option, you hereby authorize us to bill and charge the credit card indicated in your order, for any fees and/or any other amounts provided for in your order, as the same become due and payable. In the event we elect to so accept payment, we shall debit the applicable amounts from your credit card. In the event that your credit card expires or we are otherwise unable to debit the applicable amounts from your credit card, we shall provide notice to you, whereupon you immediately shall furnish in writing to us a valid credit card account number.

Billing for your actual services will be through Authorize.net . You will be notified of each upcoming consultation and associated cost.  At that point you will have the opportunity to approve or cancel that service before the date it will take place. After the service has been provided your credit card will be automatically charged for the professional fee. A detailed receipt will be issued suitable to provide to your insurance carrier and a diagnostic report will be sent to your personal login on our Fetal Treatment Center site. Please note that this is a cash service and the Fetal treatment Center does not submit billing information to any insurance carriers.

Links To Third Party Sites
This Web site contains links to Web sites operated by other parties. The links are provided for your convenience only. We do not control such Web sites and we are not responsible for the content and performance of these sites. The inclusion of links to other Web sites does not imply any endorsement of the material on the Web sites or any association with their operators. The Fetal Treatment Center does not operate, control or endorse any information, products of services provided by third parties through the Internet. Use of other sites is strictly at your own risk including, but not limited to, any risks associated with destructive viruses. You are responsible for viewing and abiding by the terms and conditions of use and the privacy statements of the other Web sites.

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